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A patio can be a lovely addition to your outdoor statement, considering the many activities you can hold there. For many, it can be an important part of the family’s dining and recreation experience. That’s why many would often have the dilemma of selecting the right building material for their deck and patio paving.

To help make the best choice for their projects, we have assembled a list discussing the basic pros and cons one may consider when choosing the right materials for their deck and patio paving needs.

Pavers Pros 

Budget-friendly and has options for different price points. The price varies on your choice and you may opt for small budget pavers or even choose large premium textured pavers.

Minimal maintenance required after installation. It can also be easily replaced if one paver breaks, you can replace the broken piece only.

Does not rot.

Can be customized to suit your house style & color theme due to the endless size options, shape, and colors to choose.

Highly slip resistant.

Paver Cons

May require some excavation for base materials.

Can be labor intensive.

Best suited to flat land.

Excess moisture can form efflorescence on unsealed surface.

Deck Pros

Ideal for uneven terrain or sloped land.

Affordable. The price varies depending on choice.

Can apply wood stain to achieve the desired aesthetic or to match the house theme.

Can stay comfortable during hot days. Heat retention is less and is important if you live in a warm climate region.

Highly slip resistant.

Deck Cons

Wood or timber materials require treatment and maintenance to avoid rotting.

Can be time and maintenance requiring due to the wooden nature. Scheduled sealing or treatment is required once every few years.

Has weight or load restriction. If fixtures for an outdoor kitchen or bathing tubs will be installed, post footings need to be assessed.


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