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If you’re looking to spruce up your old boring swimming pool, then you definitely should look into installing one of those awesome pool pavers available. Your family and friends would love to spend that staycation once they see how charming your pool pavers are. 

Below are some popular pavers for pool paving.

Travertine Pool Pavers 

These give off a natural vibe and is very calming to the senses. It gives you that concentric appearance and comes in cream, rusty, white or tan varieties. Travertine pavers are designed to be slip resistant and unlike concrete and brick, it remains cool underfoot.

Concrete Pool Pavers

The materials for this type of pool paving is strong, textured or smooth, and very durable. They can be made into different colors and styles. The concrete pool paver is also salt resistant.

Clay Pool Pavers

This type of pool paving is the most durable of all and is a good bet against salt wear and chlorinated pools. One of the major advantages of this paver material is that they don’t crack or even fade after long exposures to the sunlight.

Choosing the Right Paver

Identifying how to choose the right pool paver can be tricky and even daunting, due to a number of factors. It is suggested to consider your budget constraints, taste, and style you want to achieve when making a decision. You may need to weigh your options based on function, aesthetic, affordability and durability of the pavers.


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