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As a long-standing paving Fort Lauderdale service, we are well aware that not many people are fully aware of what pavers actually are. They are, in layman’s terms, the bricks used for horizontal flatwork paving. Unlike bricks used in construction work, pavers and paving are focused more on natural appearance and visual appeal as well as durability. They are not used in construction work focused on the vertical buildup. Pavers and paving are, rather, used in the construction and install walkways, outdoor flooring, and other such horizontal flatwork.

This also includes patios, decks, poolside pavings, driveways and most often walkways. There are many different paving types and paver Fort Lauderdale service options available for customers to choose from. While some might be more suited for some jobs than others, here are the 3 most commonly used paving types and the most often requested materials for us to use!

What do we offer as Fort Lauderdale Pavers?

Natural stone

Durable, beautiful and versatile. Natural stones are the best option for all your paving needs. Cut straight from the Earth and coming in a wide variety of types and sizes they are well worth their price. Used in poolside pavings, walkways and sometimes even driveways, they also come in both tumbled and non-tumbled varients.

Often in high demand, they can be a bit tricky to get due to their nature and limited supply at any given time. This is due to their natural appearance being a big draw for installers and their superior durability compared to other materials. The premium paving for all Fort Lauderdale pavers installation projects.

Concrete pavings

Cheap, strong, versatile and beautiful. Since its inception, concrete pavings have dominated the market for their cost-effective nature and ease of use. While they aren’t perfect, they are beloved by many brick pavers for their sheer variety of use and color. Seen often in gardens, walkways, driveways, and poolside pavings, we’ve done many a project with this material and can attest to its viability. It comes in both tumbled and non-tumbled varients as well and in many shapes and sizes.

Clay Pavers

With its often monochromatic look, rustic color scheme and aged appearance, clay pavers and pavings aren’t as popular as its contemporaries. For those looking for a long lasting and vintage look, however, clay pavers are their best bet for affordable and reliable results. Used in walkways, driveways and sometimes poolside, clay pavers are a viable option for anyone interested in their use.

Pavings are not cheap but they are well worth their entry fee. They are easy to install, maintain and have greater cost-effectiveness than its contemporary methods and materials. With such a wide variety, there are potentially infinite ways to mix and match.

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